How to Set Up Facebook Ads

How to Set Up Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be quite intimidating to think about setting up initially. Luckily they have made it easier to market your products today. Facebook has designed an interface to track your ad’s performance in real-time.

So if you dont advertise… Where will your customers find you?

Setting Up Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can help you interact with a wider audience and market your products or services. Here is how you can start a fresh new Facebook ad campaign for beginners.

  • Create a Facebook Ad Manager Account

Facebook Ad manager offers a dashboard that helps you analyze the performance of your ads. This dashboard has multiple columns that categorize different information and you can get a custom video of your ad’s results.

  • Install Facebook Pixel

When you install Facebook Pixel, you will notice pixel in the category under the data source. This will help you show ads to the specific people who have visited your website. Hence, it helps connect your site and Facebook. Facebook will extract all the necessary data from your site to make sure that your ad reaches your prospective customers. So, make your Pixel page by following the procedures listed there.

  • Run Your Ad

Now, you can easily create an ad within the Facebook Ad Manager which will offer a range of options to customize your ad so that it can reach your specific audience. Click on the ‘create’ button, which is present on the top left side of your device, and follow the steps.

  • Choose an Objective

You need to choose a reason to start your Facebook campaign. Facebook offers numerous objectives to choose from based on your preferences you will choose accordingly. It’s always important to choose appropriately so it reaches the right audience.

You also get options to target specific interests of people such as animals, plants, etc. This will help you reach a specific audience. So, try to opt for as many options as you can to get the best results.

  • Pick Your Audience

You need to determine your target audience to help Facebook understand what type of people can most benefit from your ad. When choosing an audience, you need to keep your objective in mind. For instance, if you are selling a cosmetic product, it’s likely that you’re targeting women of a particular age group.

  • Choose Placements

Choose manual placements in this section, you will have the option to choose Instagram and Facebook in the section. Make sure to select the feed and page option. Staying specific will help you use your ad budget in the right place.

  • Set Your Budget

Based on your requirements and needs, you can set a daily or lifetime budget. If you want to run your ad through the day, opt for a daily ad. Choosing this option, Facebook will charge you on a per-day basis. In the case of a lifetime budget, you can run your ad for a particular time period. This means you have to pay for an ad based on the time period.

Once you complete all these steps, you will have the option to design and post the ad. You can add whatever text you think is useful to grab people’s attention. Videos, pictures, and emojis- you can add any of these to your ad. Have a look at some successful ads from your competitors to get an idea of what is working.

Bottom Line

A Facebook ad can help you boost sales, retain old clients, and grab the attention of new ones. However, just creating an ad will not help you until you analyze the results. Analyzing the data will narrow down your successes and you will be able to easily customize your ads in the future with a greater chance of success.

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