How to Set up Twitter Ads for Beginners

How to Set up Twitter Ads for Beginners

Twitter ads are among the best marketing methods to target your audience and spread awareness of your products or services. In this post, I will go over how to set up Twitter Ads for beginners. The Twitter ad setup process is very comparable to the setup process for Facebook and TikTok. Here we will highlight the most important steps to get going.

Create a Twitter Ads Account

Create your Twitter advertising account on Once done with this part, login to your account to start your campaign. Select the country you live in and the time zone. Click let’s go!!

Choose Campaign Objective

Pick an objective by considering what you want to accomplish through your campaign. Make sure that you choose the right option, as it forms the basis of your ad. Provide your campaign details and make sure you are on the campaign detail page, provide your payment details, name your campaign, and determine the schedule and budget. You need to choose these options based on the reason for your campaign and how long you plan to run the same campaign.

Choose Your Ad Group

As a beginner, it’s best to focus on one ad group. This will give you some idea of how Twitter ads work. Later, you can opt for different categories that help you target a different audience. Then you may also want to try different timing, budget, and content to understand which will work the best for you.

Note: it might take several campaigns before you know what a successful ad looks like. So, don’t worry if you don’t get the desired results in your first attempt. I would also advise as a beginner not to set a daily budget but instead a start and end date with a total budget amount. Think about starting the ad to run the following day just in case any edits need to be made before going live.

Define Your Target Audience

You can find several options once you move forward to the Ad group for a selection of your target audience. You need to specify your target demographic, location, audience type, etc. This way, only your prospective customers can see your ad, so you don’t end up spending on a campaign that reaches the wrong people.

You may want to eventually create several Ad groups in this area to target specific people and learn which audience performs the best. Keep in mind when setting up your budget here that you can evenly disperse your original budget amount set up in the above steps. This is a great method for a/b testing.

If you are creating just a singular ad no need to worry about this step. You will then proceed to the next step in defining the goal: Site visits, link clicks, or conversions.

It is then recommended to set it to autobid, just use your best judgment. The pay by area is where you pay by which method you chose above in defining your goals.

Determine Where Your Ad Needs to Appear

In this step, you need to pick where to place your ad. You will get options like users’ profiles, timelines, and tweet detail pages. While choosing an option, think about what your target audience prefers the most. It can be very specific to detail, gender, age group, locations, devices, keywords, interests, etc.

Here you will also be able to copy the ad group if you want to run multiple ad groups to test what targeting works best, by switching out a few things and easily creating others. It can save you a good amount of time. Make sure you go through all the options and be mindful of what you are selecting.

Remember you are just beginning this journey, and as time goes on, you will accumulate data that will help this process run much smoother in the future.

Design your Ad

Here in the Creatives section, you will be able to design and view the ad. You can scroll down and select a specific tweet that will take your audience to where you would like them to go or create one from scratch. Once complete, you will then be able to save your ad as a draft, schedule, or tweet it. Navigate to creative, head back to the campaign area, go to promoted only tweets, select preview, and your ad will be right there to view.

Review and Launch

Make sure to view what the ad looks like!! Once you are done with everything, review your campaign details and ad effectively. If everything is in place, then click “launch campaign.” This will bring you back to your ads manager. You will see the campaign you just created there.

I hope this quick tutorial was helpful in setting up your Twitter ads. Good luck!!

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