4 Tips For Search Engine Positioning

4 Tips For Search Engine Positioning

To achieve maximum results, you must continually monitor your search engine rankings keep up to date with ever-changing search engine ranking algorithms, business practices, as well as your competitors’ marketing initiatives.

Properly Optimized Title Tags:

The search engines use your title tag to understand what each web page is about. Each page on your site should have a unique, keyword-targeted title. When developing your title tags, it is important to think about which keyword(s) are most important to your page and include it at the beginning of the title.

Properly Optimized Meta Description and Meta Keywords Tags:

Of these two important SEO elements, the meta description is much more important and should be carefully developed to provide a keyword-rich message as well as a call to action. The meta description, along with the title tag, is often displayed in the search results and should provide a reason for a user to click on your site instead of one of your competitors. The Meta Description Tag (is placed between the head and /head tags) is used by some search engines to create the snippet of text that you see right below the results on your search queries.

When creating your meta description, incorporate the same keywords that you used in your title, then write it in a way that sounds conversational. Try to limit your meta description to about 200 characters. Although there is no “set limit,” the search engines tend to display the first 150 characters or so. So, make sure your message and most important keywords for that page are placed towards the beginning.

Make sure your keywords are strategically placed in your copy:

How are your potential clients going to find you if you don’t research and find the keywords they are searching for? One idea is to place your keyword in the opening paragraph, repeat it again in the middle of the document as you deal with your main subject and again repeat it in your final paragraph Make sure that your important copy is in the first paragraph of text, in headlines (using headers such as H1, H2, H3) and in the active or clickable portions of link text on your page.

Use a site map and text link navigation on your pages:

If you want to improve your search engine positioning for all the pages of your website then you have to be sure that these pages actually get indexed or included in the search engines. That is where a site map and text link navigation come in.

The main purpose of your website’s navigation system is to make it easy for your customers to move around. But a well-designed navigation system also helps search engine robots understand the structure of your site. The better their understanding, the more visitors they’ll send.

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